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mflow – send your mates music that rocks…

Recently launched social music discovery engine Mflow is a “revolutionary download company” (Clash Music newsletter, 16 March 2010) that, to paraphrase their words, is a way for mates to send each other music that they think rocks. But not just… Continue Reading →

Free is the magic number…

Until the start of last year, I used to be a bit of an enforced big-gig goer. When I say “enforced”, it wasn’t that I didn’t want to go to them, it was more that I couldn’t find anyone to… Continue Reading →


[Just a quick side note – I’ve switched over to the WordPress RSS feed so anyone who’s on the old feed, if you’d like to remain subscribed, please switch over. The link is and the old one will be… Continue Reading →

It’s like Hollywood, but with a “B”…

I’m a British-born Indian and, over the past 10-15 years at least, have immersed myself mostly in what I suppose would be deemed Western (with generous sprinklings of “world”) music. From time to time, though, I’ll go to an event,… Continue Reading →

Sync & Me…

Another “I’ve been thinking…” post – this time syncs across different media and the impact they’ve had on me, personally. The list could become fairly substantial so I thought I’d focus on 4 types, with one track for each. Video… Continue Reading →

The Double Sync…

I was watching the Arsenal v Stoke game on Sunday (no digs, please) and one of the ads that followed the half-time analysis was a Jaguar commercial featuring ‘Pot Kettle Black’ by Tilly & the Wall. I recognised it straight… Continue Reading →

What comes after the “&” band…?

Just a quick note before the post – as well as my personal Musings up here, I also regularly post on the Tonic Music blog and thought some of those might be of interest. Rather than reproducing them here every… Continue Reading →

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