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Romeo Must Die…

No, not some dark and tortured literary essay about the inevitable and necessary demise of one half of everyone’s favourite star-crossed lovers. It’s a film starring Jet Li and Aaliyah – and this post is about the soundtrack. I was… Continue Reading →

Jamie Lidell – Multiply

The choice this morning was this or Shinobi vs. Dragon Ninja by Lost Prophets…I figured Shinobi was probably a bit heavy a first-thing-Monday track for most people (perhaps better for a Wednesday…?), especially since it’s been sunny all weekend, so… Continue Reading →

Band of Horses – No One’s Gonna Love You

I think I’m missing Smallville. I didn’t realise it until just now – I was looking at my feedly digest and came across a free mp3 off the forthcoming album from Seattle indie rockers Band of Horses, Infinite Arms, on… Continue Reading →

Pilooski – Can’t There Be Love

Adidas are quickly becoming the Pilooski ‘re-edit’ Kings. First the Frankie Valli track, Beggin’ on their House Party ad – I didn’t realise this until a guy who shared my old office told me, but that ad was filmed at… Continue Reading →

Sync & Me…

Another “I’ve been thinking…” post – this time syncs across different media and the impact they’ve had on me, personally. The list could become fairly substantial so I thought I’d focus on 4 types, with one track for each. Video… Continue Reading →

The Double Sync…

I was watching the Arsenal v Stoke game on Sunday (no digs, please) and one of the ads that followed the half-time analysis was a Jaguar commercial featuring ‘Pot Kettle Black’ by Tilly & the Wall. I recognised it straight… Continue Reading →

Beth Orton – She Cries Your Name

I feel genuinely lucky to have been present at the Roundhouse this Sunday night for a live show from composer Nico Muhly, performing with and directing Britton Sinfonia Chamber Orchestra. Not only was the performance from Nico himself magical and… Continue Reading →

Blue Foundation – Eyes on Fire

I don’t think I’m the only person who’s read all four of the Twilight novels and watched the two available movies – I couldn’t help myself, despite no longer being a target-market angst-ridden teenage girl. I can’t say I’m a… Continue Reading →

Luce – Good Day

Last one Day Three: Luce It’s a sunny one for the final instalment. This is a great track for when the sun isn’t shining but you wish it was…or for when it is sunny and you just want a soundtrack… Continue Reading →

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