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Kavinsky – Nightcall (Drive Soundtrack)

I had to post at least one track from the soundtrack to the movie “Drive” – there was no way to avoid one of the coolest soundtracks ever put together for one of the most talked about movies of this… Continue Reading →

WATERS – For The One

New month, new direction – well, back to one of the old directions at least. When I was reading up about this track, I found out this is Van Pierszalowsk from Port O’Brien, a Californian folk/acoustic/indie band that Van left in… Continue Reading →

Elle Varner – Only Wanna Give It To You

First time I heard this track, the first song that came to mind was Michael Jackson’s “In the Closet”… ♪ Something about you baby..that’s makes me want to give it to you ♪ Another song posted that unwittingly features J…. Continue Reading →

J. Cole – Work Out

Two more to go in the R&B series before I remind you again we treat all genres fairly here ;). Another one from Matt – I JUST found his (J. Cole’s – not Matt’s) new album “Cole World: The Sideline… Continue Reading →

Beyoncé – I Care

This woman is a living legend. I made the mistake of offering her up as a “guilty pleasure” to go on our board at work and was shot down straight away with the words “Beyoncé is not a guilty pleasure”…. Continue Reading →

Marsha Ambrosius – Far Away

The kind of soulful R&B that could as easily be Alicia Keys, but it’s a track off the solo debut release from Marsha Ambrosius

AM444 – Eye Wonder

This song reminds me of two things: 1. Cibo Matto – Sugar Water 2. Axe Less eerie than the first, more a musical representation of the second! AM444 – Eye Wonder It’s a track by Shanghai-based AM444 – ChaCha and… Continue Reading →

FILM – Fallen

I was walking along Oxford Street earlier this week and a passing stranger brushed my hand as they walked by. It happens often, Oxford Street is never quiet, and every time it does, it reminds me of late nineties supernatural… Continue Reading →

EMA – The Grey Ship

Looks like Pitchfork knew about this back in December but I just came across it on a blog recently – and her album, Past Life Martyred Saints (Spotify link) was released on Souterrain Transmissions in May of this year. She’s… Continue Reading →

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