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TV – The Returned (Aly, Walk With Me)

If you haven’t seen it yet – it’s one of the latest imports for British television audiences, this time from France – The Returned (“Les Revenants” – literally, “the ones who came back”). After The Killing and The Bridge it… Continue Reading →

FILM – Pitch Perfect

I managed to “drag” a friend along to see Pitch Perfect over the weekend – thought it might be one more for the Glee crowd but the a capella “No Diggity” cover slipped into the trailer sold me on at… Continue Reading →

FILM – Your Sister’s Sister

It’s been a while since I’ve written about a film on Musings. I’m not sure why that is – perhaps because it’s been a while since I’ve seen a film I wanted to write something about. Spending the weekend in… Continue Reading →

Kavinsky – Nightcall (Drive Soundtrack)

I had to post at least one track from the soundtrack to the movie “Drive” – there was no way to avoid one of the coolest soundtracks ever put together for one of the most talked about movies of this… Continue Reading →

Penny and the Quarters – You And Me

When I first heard about Blue Valentine towards the end of last year, I couldn’t wait to see it – Ryan Gosling (The Notebook, Half Nelson & Lars and the Real Girl to name a few) and Michelle Williams (ex-Dawson’s Creek… Continue Reading →

Julian Casablancas – I’ll Try Anything Once

I wasn’t really expecting anything from this film. I know Sofia Coppola directed The Virgin Suicides (incredible film) and Lost In Translation (Oscar-winner I’m yet to see)…but I remember her from The Godfather Part III – and then as an… Continue Reading →

Screaming Trees – Nearly Lost You

I’ve been to the Barbican a few times before – concerts, films, my brother’s graduation and just for a drink at the bistro – and have always considered it beautiful, especially the water features, but never really gave it much… Continue Reading →

Grant Lee Buffalo – In My Room

This probably isn’t the first song that comes to mind for most people when they think of rain. There isn’t an obvious lyrical reference to rain, no rain sound effects, it doesn’t even mention water (unless you count crying)… but… Continue Reading →

Romeo Must Die…

No, not some dark and tortured literary essay about the inevitable and necessary demise of one half of everyone’s favourite star-crossed lovers. It’s a film starring Jet Li and Aaliyah – and this post is about the soundtrack. I was… Continue Reading →

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