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James Blake – I Never Learnt To Share

This track was playing in the office a couple of weeks ago – on the stereo in the entrance room, as I was heading to the kitchen. I literally had to do a double-take because the sound in the intro… Continue Reading →

Jamie Lidell – Multiply

The choice this morning was this or Shinobi vs. Dragon Ninja by Lost Prophets…I figured Shinobi was probably a bit heavy a first-thing-Monday track for most people (perhaps better for a Wednesday…?), especially since it’s been sunny all weekend, so… Continue Reading →

Pilooski – Can’t There Be Love

Adidas are quickly becoming the Pilooski ‘re-edit’ Kings. First the Frankie Valli track, Beggin’ on their House Party ad – I didn’t realise this until a guy who shared my old office told me, but that ad was filmed at… Continue Reading →

Favourite songs of ALL TIME

Had a fleeting conversation with my work folks on Friday, when Matt played ‘Cruisin” on the office stereo, about how many songs you can have in your “favourite songs of all time”. I actually think the number isn’t clearly defined… Continue Reading →

D’Angelo – Cruisin’

This has to be one of the smoothest tracks ever written. I’d even go as far as to put it on  a 1990s par with the likes of Let’s Get It On…or Sexual Healing (both Marvin Gaye). Featured on D’Angelo’s… Continue Reading →

Andreya Triana – Daydreamers

A recent signing to Ninja Tune Records, I first came across Andreya Triana when I was helping to promote a live music showcase run by the company I work for, Five Missions More, in April this year. I had somehow… Continue Reading →

The Quantic Soul Orchestra – She Said What?

Hmm…I think this is the same as the one feat. J-Live, but I’m not 100% sure. Featured on the 2007 release from exceptionally talented producer/DJ/artist Will Holland, who has performed under numerous guises (Quantic, The Quantic Soul Orchestra, half of… Continue Reading →

Kidkanevil – Stomp ft. Justin Percival

Lying awake at 5am so thought I might as well do something mildly constructive. First Word Records producer Kidkanevil’s creations range from the soulful vibes of ‘Stomp ft. Justin Percival’, to smooth R&B in ‘When I Dig ft. Kissey Asplund… Continue Reading →

The Flamingos – I Only Have Eyes For You

This track holds a lot of sentimental value for me, for reasons I won’t disclose but of which anyone who knew me well around 1998 will at least have an inkling….I unfortunately wasn’t able to find a full version of… Continue Reading →

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