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Michael Leonhart & The Avramina 7 – Gold Fever

This song is not called what I thought it was. Had a bit of a fright, if you can call it that just now, when I went to listen to “The Story of Echo Lake” and didn’t get this song…. Continue Reading →

Tobacco – Fresh Hex (feat. Beck)

The profile for this artist opens with the words: “TOBACCO has a new record called Maniac Meat out on anticon records. It’s loud.” I wouldn’t have it any other way. The guys seems to be a bit secretive –… Continue Reading →

Yeasayer – Ambling Alp

The couple of early days of sunshine we’ve had in London recently have led to the equally early stages of development of an optimistic ‘Summer in the Park’ playlist in the office – this song is one of the foundation… Continue Reading →

Bear In Heaven – Ultimate Satisfaction

Firstly, the band name – what an awesome idea! But what kind of bears….? Care Bears are the obvious choice I feel, what with all the good they do. Teddy Ruxpin maybe…and definitely Gummi Bears, on the premise that they… Continue Reading →

The Phenomenal Handclap Band – Testimony

I had intended to make this an American teen high-school rock week but forgot and posted about The Nextmen on Monday and then came across this when I was looking at TPHB’s MySpace to see if they’re coming back over… Continue Reading →

Thievery Corporation – Lebanese Blonde

“Psychedelic” and “spaced out” are the two terms that come to mind on hearing this song – it featured on the soundtrack for Zach Braff’s 2004 movie ‘Garden State’, along with some other supremely cool tracks that have already been… Continue Reading →

Amazing Baby – Invisible Palace

I’m a little conflicted as to what to post today – I have a few ideas rolling around in my head – but whittled it down to two. The first is this track: Amazing Baby – Invisible Palace (hypem) Something… Continue Reading →

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