Look out for in 2011…

No rambling from me on this one… just some links:

1. Breton

Myspace: myspace.com/bretonbretonbreton
Website: bretonbretonbreton.blogspot.com
Musing: Breton – The Well

2. James Blake

Myspace:  myspace.com/jamesblakeproduction
Musing: James Blake – I Never Learnt To Share
Twitter: @jamesblake

3. Lucy Rose

Myspace: myspace.com/lucyrosemusic
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Lucy-Rose
Musing: Lucy Rose
Twitter: @lucyrosemusic

4. Michael Kiwanuka

Myspace: myspace.com/mikeksongs

5. Esben and The Witch

Myspace:  myspace.com/esbenandthewitch
Website: www.esbenandthewitch.co.uk
Musing: Esben & The Witch

Have a wonderful Christmas and I’m sure there’ll be a couple more from me before the year is out!

The 10 that almost made it…

I did this last year because there were too many great tracks for me to fit into a top 10. It’s happened again so… here are the 10 that were *this* close to making it into the Musings top 10 for 2010 – but no cigar. In no particular order:

1. How To Dress Well – Take It On
Similarly dream-like and not quite possible to understand lyrics, I’d put this in the same genre as Jai Paul and didn’t feel I could put both of them in there.

2. CocoRosie – Smokey Taboo
They made it into my albums of 2010 and this is my favourite track from Grey Oceans, a rules-based switch in. Little bit creepy and siren-like in places.

3. Jessica Lea Mayfield – Kiss Me Again
Very Dawson’s Creek, or… One Tree Hill if you’re 5 or so years younger than me. US singer-songwriter sweetness.

4. Ciara – Ride
Was really hoping Matt would drop this into his top 10 but no joy…massive R&B track and definitely deserving of a mention.

5. Deadboy – Unofficial Girl
This actually takes me back to the late 90s/early 2000s and Shola Ama’s “Imagine” (the Craig David Garage Remix – TUNE!!). Great remix of Cassie’s Unofficial Girl – this did make Matt’s top 10.

6. Glasser – Apply
Powerful and tribal-sounding track off the debut album from Cameron Mesirow – if I had remembered it in time, this might have made it.

Never Gonna Give You Up...

7. The Black Keys – Never Gonna Give You Up
So difficult to pick a favourite track from my 2010 album of the year but I think this is it. Slow and sultry blues-rock and easily confused with Rick Astley’s hit of 1987. It had to be this one.

8. Charlotte Gainsbourg – Trick Pony
Fuzzy and seductive French-sounding pop-rock from her fantastic 2010 album, IRM.

9. Martyn ft. D Bridge – These Words (Roska’s Speechless Mix)
This did make my top 10 under the rules….just. It’s a remix of a track released in 2009 so it’s eligibility was under question. First heard in Dec 2009 I couldn’t include it last year because it hadn’t been released!

10. Michael Kiwanuka – Bones
His voice gives me chills…Soulful singer songwriter from LONDON TOWN. Another one I’m wishing great luck for 2011.

Any of these (or anything else!) should’ve gone into the 10?