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Orly – Why

A bit of jazzful soul from Manhattan – google can’t even find this girl’s MySpace right now but her June 2009 self-titled EP is available to stream in full from her bandcamp page. Orly – Why This is my favourite… Continue Reading →

Gonzales – Solo Piano

While I was in New York, I had the best cup of coffee I have had in my entire life. Ever. I kid you not. The open-brick walls, the coffee-stacked bookcases, the vegan-only, yes, vegan-only cake selection and the staff… Continue Reading →

Billie Holiday – Summertime

I thought I’d write a few posts along a similar theme…focusing on the week I just spent in New York City, USA. I recently picked up an iPhone app called ‘Hipstamatic’ (thanks Sarah!), and got a little snap-happy while I… Continue Reading →

Favourite songs of ALL TIME

Had a fleeting conversation with my work folks on Friday, when Matt played ‘Cruisin” on the office stereo, about how many songs you can have in your “favourite songs of all time”. I actually think the number isn’t clearly defined… Continue Reading →

The Quantic Soul Orchestra – She Said What?

Hmm…I think this is the same as the one feat. J-Live, but I’m not 100% sure. Featured on the 2007 release from exceptionally talented producer/DJ/artist Will Holland, who has performed under numerous guises (Quantic, The Quantic Soul Orchestra, half of… Continue Reading →

The Cinematic Orchestra – To Build A Home

I was actually looking for another song, called ‘That Home’ – I shazamed it a week or so ago watching some teenage TV drama, can’t remember which one – but I came across this one along the way. The piano… Continue Reading →

Cake – Short Skirt/Long Jacket

Trumpeting madness – Cake – Short Skirt/Long Jacket I wouldn’t say lead vocalist John McCrea sings on this track so much as talks rhythmically. Cake’s fusion of jazz and funk with an indie edge reminds me a little of bedroom… Continue Reading →

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