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AM444 – Eye Wonder

This song reminds me of two things: 1. Cibo Matto – Sugar Water 2. Axe Less eerie than the first, more a musical representation of the second! AM444 – Eye Wonder It’s a track by Shanghai-based AM444 – ChaCha and… Continue Reading →

Salva – Blue

I just went to update The 10 and realised pretty much nothing I’m listening to frequently these days is on Spotify. Not sure whether that indicates something about the music I’m listening to or about Spotify…but that’s why it’s been… Continue Reading →

Michael Leonhart & The Avramina 7 – Gold Fever

This song is not called what I thought it was. Had a bit of a fright, if you can call it that just now, when I went to listen to “The Story of Echo Lake” and didn’t get this song…. Continue Reading →

Jamie Lidell – Multiply

The choice this morning was this or Shinobi vs. Dragon Ninja by Lost Prophets…I figured Shinobi was probably a bit heavy a first-thing-Monday track for most people (perhaps better for a Wednesday…?), especially since it’s been sunny all weekend, so… Continue Reading →

Lindstrom and Christabelle – Lovesick

The song came up on my iTunes the other day – dropped in from the Poptarts Suck Toasted blog – and I’m loving the swagger. In my head it’s a lazy Hustle track, a song that’s fully deserving of a… Continue Reading →

The Nextmen – Round of Applause

It’s Monday morning, the week is shiny and new – and brimming with possibilities. If you spot someone walking down Clerkenwell Road (or the equivalent near your office) with a swagger in their step, a glint in their eye, nodding… Continue Reading →

Cake – Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps

I tried every legal music streaming site I could think of but couldn’t locate more than a 30s clip of this song. Until I tried we7. If you’ve never used it before, it’s a kind of hybrid between spotify’s ad-supported… Continue Reading →

The Quantic Soul Orchestra – She Said What?

Hmm…I think this is the same as the one feat. J-Live, but I’m not 100% sure. Featured on the 2007 release from exceptionally talented producer/DJ/artist Will Holland, who has performed under numerous guises (Quantic, The Quantic Soul Orchestra, half of… Continue Reading →

TV on the Radio – Golden Age

This is the track that prompted me to seek out more, first heard it playing at the Social on Monday when I went to see Magic Magic: TV on the Radio – Golden Age There’s only a clip on the… Continue Reading →

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