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Esben and the Witch

A bit of spooky atmospheric for you – I think the word may be… “gothic”? I first came across this band clicking through an NME blog post and have since found out they’ve been the support for The XX –… Continue Reading →


We’re going with trip-hop today…a dark and twisty antidote to the beautiful sunny day for any vampires among us ;) Portishead – Numb – from their 1994 release of the same name, it doesn’t get much more trippy than this…. Continue Reading →

Moby – Porcelain

A classic track from US electronica-ist Moby – this was featured on the soundtrack to the 2000 Leaonardo DeCaprio movie, ‘The Beach’: Moby – Porcelain Tinkly floatiness with hidden sinister undertones if you actually listen to the lyrics. He spookily… Continue Reading →

Amazing Baby – Invisible Palace

I’m a little conflicted as to what to post today – I have a few ideas rolling around in my head – but whittled it down to two. The first is this track: Amazing Baby – Invisible Palace (hypem) Something… Continue Reading →

FreQ Nasty – Creator ft. Santogold

I posted this track a couple of months ago as part of a brain-dump of music that falls outside my indie/rock comfort zone but that I actually think is excellent (see Bits & Bobs I). I wanted to post this… Continue Reading →

Memory 9 – Rig Daze

This is the track you would listen to walking through a dark underground tunnel alone if you were inclined to add to the paranoia and fear accompanying the occasion. Glitchy, anxiety-inducing electronica from Gadi Sassoon’s /tərpˈsɪkəri/ EP Memory 9 –… Continue Reading →

Imogen Heap – Hide And Seek

Recently used by Sky to advertise ‘Lost’, the lyrics to this song (released in 2005) read as though they were written specifically for the show (aired in the UK in ’07). Or maybe the ‘Lost’ storyline is based on the… Continue Reading →

Lamb – Gorecki

Part of my induction into the world of trip-hop in the late nineties along with Massive Attack and the Sneakerpimps…the first time I heard this track was on the ‘I Still know What You Did Last Summer’ movie soundtrack but… Continue Reading →

Bits & Bobs I

Possibly an indie/rock-type hue to this blog so far…because that’s mainly the type of music I listen to. I like to think I have an open mind though and often other bits & bobs catch my attention. Here are a… Continue Reading →

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