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Bonobo – Kiara

I’ve been trying to post about this track for a good couple of months now, but haven’t been able to find it uploaded anywhere streamable – there’s been more buzz about Eyes Down and The Keeper, both ft. one of… Continue Reading →

Lindstrom and Christabelle – Lovesick

The song came up on my iTunes the other day – dropped in from the Poptarts Suck Toasted blog – and I’m loving the swagger. In my head it’s a lazy Hustle track, a song that’s fully deserving of a… Continue Reading →

CFCF – How Bizarre (cover)

The OMC version of this track came up on an episode of Being Erica a couple of weeks back – if you’re looking for a bunch of tracks to accompany a reminiscing session (or a party) centred around the decade… Continue Reading →

Bear In Heaven – Ultimate Satisfaction

Firstly, the band name – what an awesome idea! But what kind of bears….? Care Bears are the obvious choice I feel, what with all the good they do. Teddy Ruxpin maybe…and definitely Gummi Bears, on the premise that they… Continue Reading →

Roam The Bleak – Chompin’

A little bit convoluted but this is the only place I could find the track online. 1. Record-Play 2. Search for “Roam The Bleak” 3. It’s third from the bottom (at the moment) I came across this a few months… Continue Reading →

Reverie Sound Revue

Ok, ok, I know it’s teen high school rock week and I’ll resume tomorrow, there are three, but I’m going to intersperse them with a couple of other bands I’ve come across this week. This is the first of them,… Continue Reading →

Phantogram – When I’m Small

Another one from the WAH emerging playlist – I hadn’t heard of them until the playlist but a bit of digging has revealed that another of my current favourite bands, Post War Years, are supporting them in Bristol this coming… Continue Reading →

The Phenomenal Handclap Band – Testimony

I had intended to make this an American teen high-school rock week but forgot and posted about The Nextmen on Monday and then came across this when I was looking at TPHB’s MySpace to see if they’re coming back over… Continue Reading →

Little Dragon – Feather

Little Dragon have been around for a couple of years – they signed to indie label Peacefrog, also home to José González and Nouvelle Vagues, back in 2007 and released their self-titled debut album, Little Dragon, shortly afterward – but… Continue Reading →

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