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More James Vincent McMorrow

Heads up – I may come across as a bit of a James Vincent McMorrow groupie in this post…I don’t really mind though, every time I hear something new from him I rave for a while. I last posted about… Continue Reading →

MaddieDigsThis – Please RT

I have been absolutely rubbish these last few weeks – and I’m not going to make excuses, I’m going to make up for it. I found this girl through a tweet posted by the lovely First Aid Kit this Thursday… Continue Reading →

Jesse Boykins III – Amorous

I wouldn’t bat an eyelid if someone told me this was released around the time of early Maxwell or D’Angelo – his voice is beautiful and the understated, effortless smooth is similarly soulful.

Orly – Why

A bit of jazzful soul from Manhattan – google can’t even find this girl’s MySpace right now but her June 2009 self-titled EP is available to stream in full from her bandcamp page. Orly – Why This is my favourite… Continue Reading →

Andreya Triana – Daydreamers

A recent signing to Ninja Tune Records, I first came across Andreya Triana when I was helping to promote a live music showcase run by the company I work for, Five Missions More, in April this year. I had somehow… Continue Reading →

The Twitgigs Experiment #twitgigs

It’s possibly going to sound like I made this up – but it happened…honestly! I was at a gig at The Old Blue Last last night – some great bands (Thee Vicars especially – 60s The Kinks-style retro rock) –… Continue Reading →

St. Vincent

Brooklyn-based indie/zouk (I’m having to admit I’m not entirely sure what ‘zouk’ means but that’s how she describes herself on the MySpace…hold on…ok…it looks like it’s kind of a fusion of musical styles resulting in “modern and polished” carnival music)… Continue Reading →

Memories of Michael Jackson

Instead of posting links to Michael Jackson’s songs, I’m going to share some of my own personal MJ-related memories as a tribute to an undeniably talented musician who will be missed by many. – Michael Jackson’s 1987 release. ‘Bad’ was… Continue Reading →

Roisin Murphy

Some full tracks available on her listing so I’m just going to point you towards a couple of my favourites of hers. Ruby Blue – First heard it on the Grey’s Anatomy soundtrack. The electro riff on this track… Continue Reading →

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