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Julian Casablancas – I’ll Try Anything Once

I wasn’t really expecting anything from this film. I know Sofia Coppola directed The Virgin Suicides (incredible film) and Lost In Translation (Oscar-winner I’m yet to see)…but I remember her from The Godfather Part III – and then as an… Continue Reading →

Miguel Jontel – All I Want Is You (Feat. J Cole)

I’m a massive late 90s R&B fan and sometimes a bit of a snob about it in a “they don’t make ’em like they used to” way. R&B and hip-hop that gets me these days is few and far between… Continue Reading →

Tied to the Branches – Fog

What Jai Paul and How to Dress Well are to dreams, this song is to nightmares. Tied to the Branches – Fog Extremely understated, minimal, barely there until it is – confusion in a slow-build. I wouldn’t have believed these… Continue Reading →

Anika – Yang Yang

Heard about this late last year in a “This would be perfect for the next installment in the Kill Bill saga that’s out in 2014” spirit – and her self-titled album was released on Stones Throw in December. It was… Continue Reading →

Michael Leonhart & The Avramina 7 – Gold Fever

This song is not called what I thought it was. Had a bit of a fright, if you can call it that just now, when I went to listen to “The Story of Echo Lake” and didn’t get this song…. Continue Reading →

Gyptian – Hold You

2010’s end of year party track was Pitbull – I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho) – 2011’s is a bit of a latecomer for me. I had heard it, but hadn’t really appreciated it for the Matias Aguayo that it… Continue Reading →

Depressed Buttons – Ow!

This track makes me happy. Depressed Buttons – Ow! Fairly strange, not really a “song” as such – more a sequence of electronic sounds and… squeaks? It’s an odd one for me – I was listening to a stream of… Continue Reading →

Wildbirds & Peacedrums – Wild is the Wind

I didn’t write about this gig the day after I went because I couldn’t find this song, and it’s the song I wanted to write about. I remembered it today… and managed to find it on soundcloud: Wildbirds & Peacedrums… Continue Reading →

Leopold and His Fiction – Golden Friends

When I first heard this track I had the distinct feeling I had heard it before. I think it’s because the retro, bluesy scratchiness reminds me so much of The Black Keys…it’s impossible to avoid comparing Daniel James’ raspy vocals with… Continue Reading →

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