Voice of the Seven Woods

If you got to this page through my twitter feed (@nishajl), you may have seen me raving about Voice of the Seven Woods‘ self-titled release this morning. Buying this album was long overdue – Rick Tomlinson at Cafe OTO was my entirely unexpected gig highlight of last year but I mentioned him, and the gig, … Read more

Blue Foundation – Eyes on Fire

I don’t think I’m the only person who’s read all four of the Twilight novels and watched the two available movies – I couldn’t help myself, despite no longer being a target-market angst-ridden teenage girl. I can’t say I’m a huge fan, but I did enjoy them all on one level or another (though I … Read more

Yaël Naïm – New Soul

Yet another fantastic track from an Apple-related ad, this time for the Macbook Air in 2008 – although that isn’t where I grabbed it from this weekend (can’t be 100% sure what I was watching but Shazam says I tagged it just after 9pm on Sunday so I think it may have been Canada’s Next … Read more

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