FILM – Source Code

I watched the new movie from director Duncan Jones (Son of David Bowie, also director of 2009 science fiction movie, Moon) a couple of months back – Source Code. In case you haven’t seen it yet, the premise is that Jake Gyllenhaal is soldier Captain Colter Stevens, undertaking a mission as part of a special … Read more

Jamie Lidell – Multiply

The choice this morning was this or Shinobi vs. Dragon Ninja by Lost Prophets…I figured Shinobi was probably a bit heavy a first-thing-Monday track for most people (perhaps better for a Wednesday…?), especially since it’s been sunny all weekend, so went for this instead: Jamie Lidell – Multiply On first listen (if you ignore the … Read more

SLK – Hype! Hype!

I realise this is a really odd, random, grime track to post at a time when our ears are generally bombarded with folk, electro-pop, indie, hip-hop etc… But I ripped some of my old CDs a few weeks back, transferred them to my iPhone and then pretty much immediately forgot about them until I ‘shuffled’. … Read more

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