If I’d posted this 2 weeks ago as I intended, it would have been a different song – still Elliot Moss, just not “About Time”.

I came across his music in early 2014, which was a shame as were it not for the fact that it was originally released in 2013, “Slip” would have featured in my top Tracks of 2014.

Since then, two dancers from everyone’s favourite dance show, So You Think You Can Dance, choreographed this beautiful and gut-wrenching routine to the song, further cementing the track as one of my firm favourites from his album, Highspeeds, released under exclusive licence to PIAS.

Then I saw Elliot Moss and his band play live at The Lexington last week and everything changed.

Recorded, the album is beautifully dark and somewhat pensive, blending synths and vocal effects to create textured melodies that still somehow manage to convey a sparseness that leaves you feeling like there’s more to the stories than he’s letting on, with an enigmatic subtlety.

Live though, live is another story altogether. He’s been drawing comparisons with the likes of Bon Iver and James Blake – we’ve already mentioned synths and vocal effects – but live, there’s much more of a rock / indie style to elements of the performance. Rhythmic drum accompaniment and electrifyingly loud guitars on a couple of tracks amplify the intensity and I was often left feeling completely surrounded by sound. Muse and Radiohead were mentioned.

Maybe I need some new headphones!

One of the tracks that stood out for me live was this one, and that’s why I’m sharing it here today. Here’s Elliot Moss, “About Time”:

Elliot Moss – About Time [amazon]

The 21 year old multi-instrumentalist and producer from New York is playing at London’s Moth Club again in December – get tickets now, it’s a contender for my gig of the year.