Sometimes it’s just as great to rediscover a song as it is to discover a new one – happened to me yesterday listening to a playlist on Spotify. I heard “10000 Emerald Pools”, needed to listen to it again, and listened a third time to feed the happy smile that seemed to uncontrollably spread to 50% of my face.

I’m getting that same feeling now as I listen to the floaty harmonious ‘oohs’ and imagining those Emerald Pools. It’s a lyrically sweet and instrumentally euphoric declaration of love – the steady driving bassline-led rhythm somewhat hypnotic.

I’m not guaranteeing it’ll have the same effect on your Friday afternoon – but give it a shot:

BØRNS – 10000 Emerald Pools

It’s not new – it’s coming up to a year old and has over 1.3M plays on SoundCloud – but it’s worth a re-listen. From “tree-house dwelling LA transplant” BØRNSCandy EP, and out on Interscope.