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Thinking about my Tracks of 2014 list right now I had to do some severe culling… so I decided to bump some of the tracks that would have made the list if I were extending it from 10 to 15, on to the “Ones to Watch 2015” playlist instead. Which is now sitting at 15 instead of 10.

So much great music…so little time.

You’ll have heard some of these already if you’re reading the blog regularly or have subscribed to the “On Repeat” weekly mailout from Storyboard Music…or if you just know them anyway!

10. Taylor Swift – Shake It Off

A little surprising for me – I never thought a Taylor Swift song would make my top 10 tracks of any year but I love this. It’s fun, it’s light, and it also has a great message – don’t let what other people think get you down, do what makes you happy.

9. Iggy Azalea – Fancy ft. Charli XCX

It’s amazing how much of an impact a visual association can have on how much you like a song – no, not the music video, the reason this made the list is this epic lip sync battle between Jimmy Fallon and Emma Stone. Although based on the performances alone DJ Khaled’s “All I Do Is Win” probably would have made the list instead if it was 2010…

8. Greylag – Another

This album came out of nowhere for me, and this is my favourite song from it – Portland-based trio releasing their self-titled debut album on Grey Oceans. Also one of my albums of 2014.

7. SQÜRL – Funnel of Love ft. Madeline Follin

From the film soundtrack that stood out for me this year – Jim Jarmusch’s dark and tortured Vampire love story, Only Lovers Left Alive features this fuzzy, psychedelic rendition of the 1961 Wanda Jackson B-side from Jarmusch’s own band, SQÜRL.

6. Odessa – Hummed Low

One of my “On Repeat”s for the year, Odessa’s single “I Will Be There” featured in the opener to Grey’s Anatomy Season 11 – but this is my favourite from her self-titled debut EP, released on Chop Shop.

5. Hoodlem – IGOTU

One of the most disappointing live shows of 2014 for me – not because she was bad, but because we didn’t get to hear her play. “Technical difficulties” with Ableton meant we only heard one half of one song 3 times before she called it a day. Looking out for news of shows from Australian electronic artist Hoodlem in 2015. Not available on YouTube so you can listen to it here:


4. Royal Blood – Blood Hands

The number one album that took everyone by surprise in 2014 – this was the one I missed a chance to see at The Great Escape this year…my favourite track from the self-titled debut by Brighton’s Royal Blood.

3. Leon Bridges – Coming Home

Singer-songwriter from Fort Worth, Texas with a total of two songs on his soundcloud – I did a double-take when I realised this was from 2014 and not 1957. Listen out for him in 2015.

2. SBTRKT – The Light ft. Denai Moore

The top two were a close call – in the end this song from SBTRKT’s second album came in at Number 2. Dark and powerful at the same time. The whole album is a prime example of curation at work, with an established producer propelling an emerging vocalist into the limelight. My favourite from Wonder Where We Land. More of this please.

1. Ben Khan – Eden

I have not been this excited since I heard Jai Paul – please don’t keep us waiting 4 years (and still waiting…) for your first full-length album. For now, stream his 1992 EP on SoundCloud.