The BedroomIt’s great when the support act surprise you – in this case, the main act were Gainsville, Florida band Hundred Waters, on tour promoting their second album, The Moon Rang Like A Bell (streaming in full on their SoundCloud page if you haven’t heard it yet!).

Got there an hour or so early, there being Oslo, Hackney, to have drinks with the meetup folks and headed upstairs, not expecting much but figuring we’d go and support the support acts – and we discovered Olan Stephens, a.k.a. The Bedroom.

If you’re looking for comparisons – think Breton, or Tom Vek, disconcertingly unnerving vocals, quirky, glitchy synths and and a laid back, rhythmic “Too Cool For School” nonchalance… this is my favourite – (the disappointing transience of) “Birthday Cake”:

The Bedroom – Birthday Cake

He played a lot of not-yet-released material that night, but I went hunting and found The Graveyard of Ambition – his self-released debut EP, which is currently available at “name your price” on bandcamp.

Snap it up. He won’t be the support for much longer…..