Shopping - Consumer Complaints
This band were by far my highlight of The Great Escape in Brighton this year. Shopping (band) were exactly what was needed to make 3 days of queues, light rain and crowded, sweaty venues at my favourite annual music festival worth the journey.

I’ve had to call them “Shopping (band)” because if you try and Google “Shopping”, you’ll probably get hundreds of results about shopping (buying things in retail outlets) rather than the indie-punk three piece I’m trying my best to direct you to. So if you’re Googling the band, type “Shopping band” …. or just forego the google and click one of these two links for their SoundCloud page or their Facebook page.

As soon as the riff kicks in, there is absolutely no way you’ll be able to stay still. I don’t want to use terms like “anti-establishment” and “rebellious” and “anti-authority” – because I’m not entirely sure that’s what they are. They’re noisemakers, they’re poets, they’re punks in socks and cut-off long-ish shorts and they don’t take themselves or their “attitude” too seriously.

Shopping are Billy Easter, Andrew Milk & Rachel Aggs, currently located in London and releasing on MILK Records. This is the one that hooked me in and had my twanging the melody for days after the gig – from their debut album Consumer Complaintsand there’s a second one coming very soon…:

Shopping – In Other Words (soundcloud)

Listen out for them. They’re S-H-O-P-P-I-N-G.