shivum sharma - flicker

A beautiful, stirring voice tinged with sadness and longing, sometimes distorted, sometimes touched with reverb and layered over keys, Shivum Sharma is from South London, currently signed to National Anthem – which is also label home to Vaults, CHVRCHES and Wet.

If it’s possible to draw a connecting line between James Blake and Jeff Buckley it would surely cross Shivum Sharma.

It seems National Anthem, as many other scourers of the internet for great music, happened across his music accidentally: “randomly came across Shivum’s demo of Flicker on Soundcloud we were struck by one of the most exciting and a beautiful voices we have heard since starting the label and instantly fell in love.

Shivum Sharma – Flicker

He’s been working with Kwes. and is definitely one to watch from London’s burgeoning contemporary soul / electronica community.

Looking out for more from him, but in the meantime: