Fyfe - Solace

Fyfe – Solace (2013)

Choices… choices… going for one from my The Great Escape 2014 Hitlist today, my shortlist of 56 bands narrowed down from the 315-strong TGE2014 longlist of bands playing at this year’s Festival of new music in Brighton. High up on the list: Fyfe.

It’s my 5th year there in a row – and the pressure’s on for the annual event that’s so far introduced me to some of my favourite acts (last year’s highlights, Balthazar and Findlay to name two) and meant that I’ve been able to see many more.

Fyfe is the current project of London singer-songwriter and guitarist Paul Dixon, who’s previously recorded under the name “David’s Lyre”. The song is the title track from his Solace EP, released on Benvolio Music last year. This is one for those moments when things outside of your control and you need 5 minutes to gather your thoughts:

Fyfe – Solace

Calm – but with a build that gets you pumped. Don’t get me wrong – it’s no “Eye of The Tiger”, but it has a subtle, rousing strength behind it that’ll pick you back up again, especially the last minute and a half.

Vocally actually reminds me a little of Dan Croll, but with an altogether more soulful, less indie/pop sound. Really hope the inevitable clashes and queues don’t stop me from getting to this one…