Broods - Pretty Thing

Broods – Broods EP (2014)

This song wasn’t originally one of the 9 I mentioned I was going to need to post to get The 10 up to date…. but I decided it was good enough to interrupt the flow. It’s called “Pretty Thing” by New Zealand-based brother-sister duo Broods.

This wasn’t the only one of the 6 tracks on their Broods EP (2014) that was a potential contender… nor was it always going to be a “pure” version of one of their tracks. The remixes are also pretty great.

“Never Gonna Change” is less R&B than BANKS, less acoustic indie than Daughter and much, much more like dreamy-electronica.

“Bridges” has more of a hazy electro-pop feel to it and “Pretty Thing”, the one I’ve chosen for this post, has hints of Frou Frou 2002.

But to draw comparisons is entirely unnecessary – I actually bought this band’s EP, which should in itself say enough.

However, not only did I buy the EP, I bought a digital copy. This is such an anomaly, not because I don’t pay for music – I do – but because if I buy music, I generally buy something after being blown away at a live show, or I buy a physical copy because I feel digital is still really rather impersonal.

Truth is, I want Broods to have my money so they come back to the UK for a show. I missed them last time they were here.

So – about the band. They’re Georgia and Caleb Nott, they’re from Auckland, NZ and they’ve been working with Joel Little, who produced Lorde’s debut album, “Pure Heroine,”.

Here’s the song:

Broods – Pretty Thing

… and here’s the ASTR Remix of “Bridges” that was the other option for this post.

Look out for them. They’re on Polydor.