I said it would be Elephant – and it’s Elephant, a song called “Shapeshifter” that’s been transporting me to faraway, magical and possibly underwater places for the last couple of months since I first heard it on a podcast.

Elephant – Shapeshifter [YouTube]

Elephant - Shapeshifter

Elephant – Shapeshifter (2013)

I think I’m so enraptured by this song, in particular, because it stirs in my memory a combination of the dark underwater echo of Smoke City’s 1997 Levi’s-led hit, “Underwater Love”, the dramatised and romantic symphonies of Claire Nicolson & Yellow Hammer’s “You and I” and…. the outro theme to 1960s puppetised TV show “Stingray“.

Listen to all three and hopefully you’ll know what I mean. It’s so seductive and siren-like in its call, with a 60s and somehow French tinge to it though it’s entirely sung in English – and the band’s hometown is London.

Elephant are Amelia Rivas – her biog says “French-by-way-of-pontefract ” – and Christian Pinchbeck, and their debut album, entitled Sky Swimming, is released on indie label Memphis Industries on April 28th.

I’m posting this song because it’s my favourite of theirs to date – and it’s the one I’m most looking forward to hearing at their show on 17th April at Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club.

Look out for them. They’re on repeat.

Elephant – Shapeshifter