Erotic Market

Erotic Market – Erotic Market EP (2013)

The ‘Your Mum’ joke in the influences section of their facebook biog should give you an idea of what to expect from kyoto/Jamaica – spawned HotWave duo Erotic Market.

Well… at least in terms of personality – a little bit cheeky, a little bit sexy, a little bit….unexpected. I didn’t make up the genre “HotWave”, it’s what they call their own sound on their facebook page where they also cite their interests and influences as ‘ur mother’.

But enough about their facebook profile, Erotic Market are Marine Pellegrini and Lucas Garnier, blending electronica and trip-hop nuances overlayed with pop sensibilities. It’s jarring, beat-driven and fuzzy, with aggressive basslines rendered almost docile by the powering aggressive vocal fading in and out as though in an intoxicated dream state. The listener being the one who feels intoxicated.

They’re playing The Great Escape Festival in May…but also The Old Blue Last on 7th May, which I would be going to were I not a) banking on seeing them at TGE and b) already seeing Elephant that night. Who coincidentally feature in the next post.

This was the first song I heard from Erotic Market:

Erotic Market – Rumblin

It’s called “Rumblin”, it’s the closing track from their 2013 Erotic Market EP – released on aptly named French indie label Jarring Effects – and it has an official video:

I’d love to meet their General Manager “Erotic market ladyship aka mermaid’s pimp aka selecta rosemary martin +++ erotic market tame boffin aka saulc warner”…..