I love that this girl’s name is Indira – a fitting name for the purveyor of beautifully pensive electronic soundscapes, like this track, from New Zealander Indi.:

Indi. – Stay

Indi. - Stay (2014)

Indi. – Stay (2014)

She’s 19, and she’s also part of Christchurch-based electronic trip band, Doprah. I chose this one because it’s the only one I’ve been able to find that really shows off the vocal – everything else on her Soundcloud page seems to be a cinematic instrumental or features her voice as a more muted supporting element ….

Also beautiful, but the vocal on this track adds something to it that I’d love for you to hear. The siren-like echo is textured by the synth motif behind it that brings a sense of floating and space to the track. Aside from that, it’s mesmerising.

Eager to see what else comes from her this year – hoping more vocal tracks, her voice is one I want to hear more of.

In the meantime, here’s another, from Doprah, which is altogether more eerie and psychedelic.

Doprah – San Pedro

She’s most definitely one to watch for 2014.