I love it when a song makes my spine tingle:

Belle Mare – “Charade”

Belle Mare - The Boat of the Fragile Mind (2013)

Belle Mare –

Perhaps it was the unexpected discovery, perhaps it was the antidote to the hustle of the office, or perhaps it was the echo in the stripped back, guitar+vocal ensemble that forms the basis of this track from Belle Mare’s 2013 debut release, The Boat of the Fragile Mind – even the title of the album conveys a delicate fragility that might lead it to shatter if you speak its name too loudly, doesn’t it? – but I actually physically shivered the first time I heard this song.

So I had to go and listen to the full release – which I’d highly recommend that you do as well if you appreciate this song in the slightest. Belle Mare are London-but-currently-based-in-Brooklyn band, singer Amelia Bushell and guitarist Thomas Servidone.

They’ve quickly earned a place in my top albums of the year so far and on every gig alert service I currently subscribe to. Unfortunately no shows seem to be in the pipeline at the moment – but I’m hoping for a St. Pancras Old Church appearance in the near future….

Oh – and I should really thanks Tastebuds (client) user @RobLickeR for the introduction…it’s thanks to him I am able to share this.

At the risk of sounding like an M&S advert, this isn’t “dream pop”, this is an anguished and mournful expression of longing.