Annie Eve

Annie Eve – Bodyweight (2013)

Playing catch-up here a little, so there’s going to be a flurry of activity while I do it.

If you don’t experience a sharp intake of breath when the vocal truly kicks in at about 45s, you may well not be breathing.

Country folk, singer-songwriter, whatever genre you want to label it with, there’s no doubting the intense and personal resonance behind the sound that is 21 year old Annie Eve from London’s North. I have to honestly hold my hands up and say I thought she was American. She isn’t.

Gutted to have missed her show at London’s St. Pancras Old Church earlier this month – it would have been the perfect setting for her breathtakingly beautiful music – but I’m holding out for new of some more.

This is the first song I heard of hers, “Body Weight”:

….and I don’t think there’s anything more needs to be said, really.