Vancouver Sleep Clinic - Vapour (2013)

Vancouver Sleep Clinic – Vapour (2013)

I have over 30 tracks tucked away in a SoundCloud setlist that I’ve been meaning to post for the last two months – and this is the first one I wanted to share.

Comparisons to Bon Iver and even James Vincent McMorrow are inevitable, not least because of the uncannily similar vocal – steeped in reverb and falsetto – which is both haunting and beautiful.

But this is not a song sung by Bon Iver or James Blake – this is the debut single from Brisbane-based Vancouver Sleep Clinic, made up of a six-strong collection of musicians live, although led by the creations of singer-songwriter Tim Bettinson.

Listen to “Vapour”:

The reason I’m not writing much about him is that there doesn’t seem to be much out there about him – one possible reason for this is that he seems to still be in high school.

This is mind-blowing when you begin to imagine what might evolve over the career that lies before him.

He has, however, been picked up to play as part of the Triple J Unearthed High showcase for 2013, a competition looking to find Australia’s best high school music act, now in its 6th year. If the other 5 finalists are anywhere near this calibre, it must be worth checking out the shortlist! So I did…and as a result, also check out Cypher (very Daughter-esque)

Keep an eye on this one.