Doe Paoro - New Lows

Doe Paoro – New Lows (2013)

Listen to the vocal and you’ll think you’re in the 90s – the influence is clear…possibly a little bit Mary J Blige – but the synths and what sounds like electronic steel drums bring it band into current R&B.

From Syracuse, NY, Doe Paoro calls her sound “feral wailing”, but I’m more inclined to agree with the bandcamp and go with “electronic astral soul”…a third relaxed and mind-clearing track to calm the stresses of the Summer madness that is London.

She seems to have been around for a while but previous releases were less R&B more Imogen Heap/Frou Frou (check the distorted opening) with a touch of neo-soul and singer-songwriter influence from what I can hear in 2012 album “Slow to Love“…her vocals seem to have softened a little since then, when she was named an artist to watch by Stereogum.

Anyway – this is “New Lows“: