Hoodlem  -Through

Hoodlem – Through (2013)

If you’re sensing a synthy, minimal theme going on here you’re not wrong – not sure whether it’s the weather or my mood but smooth, chilled and low-effort is definitely appealing right now.

The tags on their bandcamp are “alternative”, “synth hop”, “Australia” and I think it’s fair to say that this playful, soulful, female-vocal track from Hoodlem is mesmerisingly enigmatic – compounded by the currently 89 facebook likes and now all too familiar lack of information…

Multi-layered both vocally and instrumentally it somehow maintains a simple, no-fuss stance and peppers it with glittering synth motifs and lingering melodies.

This is Hoodlem – “Through”

It’d be really funny if this turned out to be Beyoncé or Rihanna. Think you’d be pretty safe taking the other side of either of those bets if anyone offers them up…

More please.