Hannah Cohen

Hannah Cohen – Child Bride (2012)

Hannah Cohen is an American singer-songwriter”, says Google. Factual, yes, but doesn’t even come close to doing her justice.

The first words that come to mind on hearing her voice are, for me, delicatevulnerablesinceretentative – as though she’s fearful of even breathing the words that express the intense longing and sadness she’s trying so hard to conceal from the world.

So maybe I’m reading a little much into it – but the last voice that had this sort of lingering, *please let me hear it again* effect on my repeat button was Chelsea Wolfe….and she reminded me of Lia Ices. And that was nearly 2 and half years ago.

This is a song from her 2012 debut release on Bella Union, Child Bride, all of which is similarly soft and heartfelt but perhaps not as tinged with melancholy as the one I’ve embedded below:

Hannah Cohen – The Crying Game

I’d love to see her live…and experience whether or not it sounds as beautiful in person…but nothing listed right now.

Guess I’ll just have to wait….