SOHN – The Wheel

SOHN - The Wheel EP

SOHN – The Wheel EP (2012)

Listening to this for possibly the 5th time today, this time on SoundCloud, my gaze drifts to the window and it’s snowing again…

Lost in the synthy, distorted vocal motif and the sad story in the lyrical melody, it’s a perfect reflection of how I feel about the snow – bleak yet beautiful.

His haunting and at the same time crystal clear vocals also bring an acceptance and a truth with the words “I died a week ago, there’s nothing left…” – telling a retrospective story in the first person.

Hold on a sec while I hit the ‘play’ button again…


SOHN – The Wheel

It’s a track from London-born, Vienna-based artist, SOHN, who released his The Wheel EP in November through brand new label Aesop – also their debut release so I’m as excited to hear what else emerges from the label as I am from SOHN.

He did his first live show at Eurosonic earlier this month, and I’m on the lookout for more shows – even if just to hear this song live.

“The Wheel” more electronic – but there’s also the more soulful. Entire EP up on his SoundCloud to stream right now.


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