First blog post of 2013…is a track from Belgian indie-pop five-piece, Balthazar and their new album, Rats:

Balthazar – The Oldest of Sisters

Balthazar - Rats

Balthazar - Rats (2013)

You could almost hear the vocal on top of a massive UK indie rock riff in places – like Muse, or Arctic Monkeys – but the song intros with an acoustic guitar and it’s the horns that accompany the chorus that really stand out as distinctive.

The thing that led me to post this though…is the voice…and if you’ve heard Woodkid – “Iron”, you’ll completely understand why.

The vocal from Balthazar’s Maarteen Devoldere [CORRECTION: the vocal is actually] Jinte Deprez [thanks @LoveLikeBirds_!]  has a similarly enigmatic sounding depth – like there’s some dark secret he’s leaning in to tell you…in a hushed tone that no one else can hear.

The band, started by Maarten and Jinte Deprez who were later joined by Simon (bass), Christophe (drums) and Patricia (violin), are coming to London’s The Lexington on 16 January ahead of the album release, out in the UK on 25 February.

Full album stream via