Cheryl - Call My Name

Cheryl - Call My Name (2012)

It wouldn’t be a fair representation of my musical year if I let 2012 close without posting this song. It appears in my top 10 tracks by plays over the last 12 months on – though the chart says I’ve only scrobbled it 8 times (that can’t be right, can it?).

I heard it first on one of the very rare occasions this year I made it to the gym – and was immediately hypnotised by the thumping beat and catchy chorus of

“How’d you think I feel when you call my name?
You’ve got me confused by the way I’ve changed…”

It’s the 50 second “has it started yet or hasn’t it?” intro that got me confused. What kind of gym track is this??!

Once it kicked in though, I swear, it made me *run* twice as fast – those moves! If I were 15 again I’d get all my mates round to learn the dance routine…

I’ve annoyed the people I love, the people I work with and, I’m sure, (accidentally) people on the bus… playing it over and over again, whether it fit with the playlist of the moment – Friday chart tunes? – or not.

So I wanted to share it with you as the annual Happy New Year! Musings party track.

Cheryl Cole – Call My Name

HAPPY NEW YEAR FOLKS! Here’s to big things in 2013.

Cashley….what were you thinking?!

2011 – Beyoncé – Countdown
2010 – Gyptian – Hold You
2009 – Pitbull – I Know You Want Me (calle Ocho)

Oh how things change….