Chelsea Wolfe

Chelsea Wolfe - Unknown Rooms : A Collection of Acoustic Songs (2012)

Confession time – I discovered Chelsea Wolfe through Ricall. She’s one of their Ones to Watch for 2013 and actually my favourite of the lot.

Musically, she reminds me of one of my favourite artists and most memorable live artists of 2011, Lia Ices – vocally sometimes similarly ethereal, sometimes less ethereal, more earthy…I can imagine her travelling medieval lands…like a troubadour perhaps.

This is a track from her 2012 album, Unknown Rooms: A Collection of Acoustic Songs, released on Sargent House in October – well, actually two tracks because I want to show you the two alternatives.

Ethereal: “The Way We Used To

Earthy: “Appalachia

This isn’t a debut, or a sophomore release – it’s the third studio album from Sacramento’s Chelsea Wolfe, but unlike the first two albums, which were more industrial and noisy, less acoustic, Unknown Rooms is bare boned and bleak – there’s clearly a reason for the “doom-folk” epithet.

One I’d love to see live in 2013 – in a dark, (machine-)smokey basement….