Jake Bugg is 18 years old.

Just let that sink in for a second – and now listen:

Jake Bugg – “Taste It”

Jake Bugg

Jake Bugg - Taste It EP (2012)

I couldn’t get tickets for the London dates – they sold out between my deciding to go and finding someone to come with me – so I’m going all the way to Cambridge to see him.

This is one of the more 70s pop/Beatles-reminiscent tracks from his self-titled debut album, some are a bit more Bluegrass, some a little more prairie folk, all from an album that’s reflective of an old soul with a young heart.

As I said, he’s 18 – and in his words: “I play guitar and sing.

Released via the Taste It EP in July of this year and now part of the album Jake Bugg on Mercury Records.

Merry Christmas all!