It’s another minimal one to follow Pikachunes – this time from London-based electro-soul act, Luca Santucci & Ben Fitzgerald under the moniker Stubborn Heart:

Stubborn Heart – Need Someone

Stubborn Heart - Stubborn Heart

Stubborn Heart - Stubborn Heart (2012)

It’s from their debut full-length album, released on One Little Indian in November.

I’m imagining a scene at a bus stop or on a train platform in a drab, black and white scene – a bunch of people in dark, nondescript clothes, dressed similarly but not the same. They’re keeping themselves to themselves with their noses hidden in newspapers.

The track intros in and one by one they start to move.

A foot tapping, a finger beat against a paper, a head seen bobbing from side to side and with each movement that person’s clothes un-fade into colour, each of them one by one – until the entire scene is a colourful canvas of individuality.

Can someone make that…please?