Pikachunes - Pikachunes (2010)

What really gets me about this track is the deadpan delivery, repetitive vocal over the deadpan delivery, repetitive synth.

It’s so simple, so “I made this at home” but so perfectly crafted, there’s absolutely no way I possibly could have.

That’s meant as a huge compliment – and the song is “Holiday” by New Zealander Miles McDougal AKA Pikachunes:

It’s the solo electro-pop project of a producer and musician, his facebook says Miles G. Loveless, currently based in Paris and signed to Kiwi label Lil’ Chief Records, and this track is from the 2010 album, Pikachunes.

If Jack Dee were a song, this would be it.

File alongside the next track that’s coming up in this ‘get them posted before it’s 2013 already’ series of great music…