This next one is the reason I went to see Ultraísta at Cable a couple of weeks ago. It isn’t the first song I heard of theirs – in fact, the first song I heard of theirs was actually a remix by Four Tet…of Small Talk, and that was the reason I went looking for more and came across Gold Dayzz:


Ultraista - Ultraista (2012)

Ultraísta – Gold Dayzz

With an ethereal and somewhat eastern edge that reminds me of Thievery Corporation, it’s a psychedelic and trippy downtempo journey through space or…underwater or…the stuff lamp lava is suspended in or…some other viscous medium that slow you down to a float.

This is the second track on the self-titled album from Ultraísta, made up of Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich, vocalist Laura Bettinson, and producer/drummer Joey Waronker.

One for a daydream interlude.