Seem to be flowing through the acts I wanted to see but missed at The Great Escape this year at the moment – this time it’s Pete Philly, with a track called “Ocean”.

Pete Philly – Ocean

Pete Philly - One

Pete Philly - One (2011)

The production reminds me of D’Angelo, with the vocals more 90s hip-hop in influence, and the smooth and dulcet-toned neo-soul melody I’m expecting seems to superimpose itself over the beats in my head – though not in the track itself.

This could slot itself into contemporary R&B fairly easily – it’s the standout, for me, from the tracks on his soundcloud and actually quite different to most of them, other than possibly “Caterpillar” and “Game” which have a similarly 90s neo-soul style and “Let It Go” which is reminiscent of John Legend.

For something with a more bluesy edge, try “Mirror”:

Pete Philly – Mirror

The latest from the Netherlands-based producer are the Open Loops Project, available to download for free from his site, and the full album ‘One’, which is where these tracks are from.

Out on PIAS, and available via his facebook page, here.