Abi Wade - The Slaughtered Lamb 12/09/2012

Abi Wade - The Slaughtered Lamb 12/09/2012

Listening to much of her music, you’d be forgiven for thinking Abi Wade was at least 3 people. The sounds she combines into complex rhythms, created with just a ‘cello, the various implements she uses to strike it and a foot-pedalled contraption joining a tambourine and block, on more than one occasion during her set at The Slaughtered Lamb last night, rendered my jaw dropped-open.

She’s released just one EP so far, And Blood And Air available through the bandcamp of her label, Brighton-based Love Thy Neighbour, and there are a couple of live recordings up on her soundcloud page right now as well.

The recordings themselves are beautiful – but her live performance last night, was an entirely unique experience. The clarity of Abi’s haunting and almost siren-like vocals combined with the visual display of rhythm and co-ordination was unbelievable.

This was my favourite song from her set:

Abi Wade – Hope 

Although I had originally wanted to see her at the Unitarian Church during The Great Escape 2012, a venue that would have, I’m sure, been a backdrop worthy of her other-worldly sound, the somewhat clandestine and lounge feel of The Slaughtered Lam was equally fitting.

Her influences are numerous – you can see some of them on her YouTube Channel where you’ll also find this Maccabees cover:

Find out where Abi Wade is playing next, and go.