“Intense” and “trippy”. Those are the first two words that come to my mind when the intro to Young Magic’s “You With Air” hits. With its off-kilter beat and confused, questioning tone it strikes me as a couple’s erupting argument – accusations flying back and forth with each taking their turn in a flurry of psychedelic sounds.

Which is funny, because that’s what the lyrics seem to suggest as well.

Young Magic – You With Air [last.fm]

Young Magic

Young Magic - Melt (2012)

The track’s been around for a while, as you’ll see if you click through the soundcloud, released as a 7″ in Feb 2011, but it features on the Feb 2012 album from the New York-based Young Magic collective, Melt, released on Carpark Records.

Steady tempo and beats throughout provide a stabilising constant to the myriad of accompanying motifs that texture in and out to add chapters to the vocal story.

I’ve been known to play a track on repeat and tell everyone about it when I think it’s something special. You’ll see from my last.fm profile – this is one of those.