AlunaGeorge are a bit of a precursor to the full Great Escape rundown that’s coming (mostly because I’m still trying to cut it down – 58 bands I want to see so far!) – hearing this track was one of those times when I had to go and buy immediately.

AlunaGeorge – We Are Chosen [amzn]

AlunaGeorge - We Are Chosen

AlunaGeorge - Analyser/We Are Chosen (2011)

It starts off a little trippy – reminded me of My Toys Like Me and also a beats’d up CocoRosie – but then hits more of a UK garage sound later on in the track, and this isn’t their only trick. Check out EP title track You Know You Like It [amzn] for a more R&B vibe.

Oddly enough, the band are vocalist Aluna Francis and producer George Reid (AlunaGeorge) – and their 4-track EP was released on Tri Angle Records this April.

I missed out on the EP by a couple of weeks and they were Guardian New Band of the Day back in March – but this track was a single released on Sweet Recordings in May 2011, discovered via The Great Escape‘s official Spotify Playlist.

One for my list, for sure.