Stealing Sheep

Stealing Sheep - Noah and the Paper Moon EP

Stealing Sheep are one of those bands I wish I could take credit for discovering. Unfortunately, when I came across their music, I was actually at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen to see someone else – Sea of Bees.

It’s been a while since the support have been the standout.

The band are Becky, Emily and Lucy – three girls from Liverpool, on Heavenly Recordings. From the moment of the first drumbeat, I was mesmerized. Well, it may have been a drumbeat, it may have been a guitar chord, it may equally have been an acapella vocal harmony – I can’t quite remember, I was mesmerized.

They have a 70s folk style – although they’re not exactly folk – that looks as though it pre-dates the hipster as we know it, and seem like a genuinely humble trio, saying a couple of times how honoured they were to be supporting label-mates Sea of Bees.

Each of them with their own distinct place in the lineup – Becky provides the strength in the vocals, Lucy steady and intense on drums and Emily the dreamscape on guitar – they play with a surety in their sound that belies their year and a half together as a group.

Full length album out on Heavenly in a couple of months but in the meantime, here are a few of my favourite tracks:

Stealing Sheep – Bats

Stealing Sheep – I Am The Rain (hear the 70s folk and Scandinavian influence)

Stealing Sheep – Noah’s Days
 (ascends into a cacophony of noise)

I’m hoping for big success for this band – I haven’t reacted this way since seeing Warpaint at the Luminaire in 2010. Playing the alternative escape in Brighton on the Saturday – 17.30 at The Hydrant.

Watch out for them. More on their Soundcloud.