MKRNI - Jumper

MKRNI - Jumper (2011)

I actually thought this was a Hindi song when I first heard it – but MKRNI are from Chile and are on homespun label Madhaus Records.

When I dug deeper, I was a little disappointed. Not at all at the song, but at the fact that it isn’t a Hindi song.

If it were, I would have seen it as an indication that the some of the cheesy Bollywood pop that I’ve been associating with many Hindi films (not by any means all Hindi films – see this beautiful song which is actually from the same film) since the late 2000s had finally been updated. Unfortunately, it isn’t Hindi, it’s Spanish.

MKRNI – Humedad

The playful beat and quirky electronic motifs – even sound effects – accenting the staccato-heavy melody would work brilliantly in a Hindi film. I’m nostalgically imagining this track was created on my 1990s-purchased Casio keyboard.

Their full name seems to be MAKARONI, which makes me love this song all the more, and they are Elisita Punto, Seba Roman and Marcelo Miopec of Santiago. Humedad is from their April 2011 album, Jumper, and their more recent release is Playa Futuro – both available from their bandcamp.

They call their genre Psyco Electropical. Hope someone in Bollywood is listening…