Hundred Waters - Boreal

Hundred Waters - Hundred Waters (2012)

The closest I’ve come to this sound in the past is Wye Oak – but “Boreal” by Hundred Waters has more of a mystical quality to it, underwater civilisations rather than a journey through the skies.

The song tells the story of a boy’s journey across the waters (or at least I think it’s across water) to lesser-trodden parts with no quest other than to experience the beauty of the lands themselves.

Perhaps it’s the steady rhythm behind the rippling introduction and the sparkle of the synth supporting the vocal harmonies – or the fact that the name Hundred Waters has subliminally affected my interpretation – but the song conjures images of a magical aquatic adventure.

Hundred Waters – Boreal

The band are from Gainsville, Florida and released the full album is available to stream from their site at the moment, Sometimes almost troubadour-like in “Sonnet“, at others more dreamy electronica with an eastern tinge in “Visitor“, even sounding Scandinavian-influenced (“Thistle“) or tribal (“· · · — — — · · · “) at times, Hundred Waters’ bewitching electronica has drawn comparisons to the likes of Julia Holter and Braids.

Their self-titled album is currently out on California-based label Elestial Sound.