This song starts with the words “I feel the force” – it’s by Baltimore-based band Celebration and it’s perfect for mornings like this.

Celebration – Battles

Celebration - BAttles

Celebration - Battles (2011)

Available for free download from the label’s bandcamp, it was released on Friends Records back in February 2011 on full album Hello Paradise. I haven’t heard anything about them since they embarked on their Electric Tarot project in early 2011 and it doesn’t look like they’ve released any more music since that completed.

The song is emphatic, dramatic – a purposeful beat provided by the striding percussion with a commanding yet beautiful vocal from Katrina Ford and slow-building, drawn out guitar riffs. I can see it soundtracking the climactic scene of an epic sports game or some kind of….battle.

Nothing at all like the experimental electronics of New Yorkers Battles.