Rarely post links to mixes but this is my first Friday without the folks at Tonic – so I wanted to pick up a few R&B Mixes, including the one that’s keeping me dancing this evening.

Friday R&B Mixes - Various (2011/2012)

Without the R&B Fridays pickings I’ve gotten so used to (although there was talk of changing up the theme in the few weeks running up to my leaving), I thought I’d dig out some alternative options.

First up, Brenmar’s new one: Slow Grind, Deep Hustle no. 2, via the ever-reliable Dummy Magazine.

Just released yesterday, it includes a mix of new and classic tracks from Jon B, Brandy, 702, Trey Songz – 17 in all.

Full tracklist available here.

Second Friday Mix is a Timbaland medly that came through Matt a few months back: Hardfur(?)’s Mix 007: Timbaland. I’ll be playing these back to back this evening – Aaliyah, Jay-Z, Ginuwine, Missy Elliot, 34 tracks to get your Friday going.

Third mix is from Ghetteaux – if the embed below isn’t there anymore check out the soundcloud root. Updates from time to time with old ones removed.

More new than classic in these, featuring tracks from Lloyd, Rick Ross, The-Dream, Drake, Tyga – pretty much current R&B hip-hop royalty. R&B is as good as it used to be and they do make ’em like they used to. Discuss.

And the one that started it all for me – no embed for this one I’m afraid – Dummy Mix 84 // Brenmar. Until this point, I was all about making my own R&B playlists, but Brenmar changed my mind. Mya, Bobby Valentino, Nivea, Montell Jordan and more.

Back to the indie next time.