This wasn’t the first track of theirs I heard. “Marathon Runner” came first – with its steady pace and spurring momentum I reckon it’d make a great running track.

But I wanted to share this one:

Yellow Ostrich – Whale

Yellow Ostrich - The Mistress (2011)

It’s the percussion again that hooked me in, just like with Django Django, and the harmonies. Syncopated rhythms, bells, melodic ‘oh-oh’s and what sounds like it could be an actual real whale singing along with vocalist Alex Schaaf. All these elements blend together to back lyrics that ascend from gentle encouragement to a full-hearted and joyous rush to the freedom of the open sea. I’ve been listening to this song a lot.

It’s from another band to spring out of Brooklyn, New York – Yellow Ostrich and is on their 2011 album, The Mistress, out on Barsuk Records in August. They’ll also be releasing a new album, Strange Land, on 6 March this year.

Great driving music, great walking music, great running music. Here’s The Mistress on Spotify while we wait for the new one.